We bring art into your home or business, taking into account their ideas and visions, unifying them to our knowledge and skills to achieve something unique to offer that exceeds their expectations. We bring to life what  your imagination can create. Each client is unique and special, none of our work is equal to the other, each one carries the essence of each client.


We enjoy creating new concepts for our clients, out of the ordinary.  We remain at the forefront and research of new products that maximize your options.


We are a company that provides unique and high quality Decorative Painting, Faux Finishing, murals and furniture finishes, with the sole purpose of satisfying the tastes of our clients in residential and commercial areas.


Denise Meza has worked in the area of ​​Decorative Painting for over 12 years, teaching in his native Guatemala. Having studied Interior Design at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin, has been devoted in recent years to the area of ​​the Decorative Painting , Residential and Commercial, also doing Murals for areas developed especially for children .  She has been trained in the  best schools of faux finishing in the United States.    She also has much experience in in the gilding area of furniture and walls. Her constant interest in the forefront of fashion has managed to keep it indoors in the taste of decorators, builders and individual clients.


Faux Finishing area in Guatemala is very limited so the demand for her work is large and has established herself  in the taste of many people.  Almost any surface is immune to faux finish application and using her experience  offers wonderful alternatives ,especially for the classic white walls.


  • Certificate of Achievement for completion of the Course Interior Design and Decoration by the school Universidad Francisco Marroquín, May 22, 2008.


  • Certificate of Achivement  for completion of Folk Art ® Certified Instructor Program.  Being a One Stroke Certified Instructor


  • Certificate of Graduation The School of Italian Plasters.


  • Certificate of Graduation de Martin Alan Hirsh Decorative Finishes Studio, The Faux Finish School, Faux Effects ™ The Polish Portfolio Workshop September 2010.


  • Certificate of Graduation de Martin Alan Hirsh Decorative Finishes Studio, The Faux Finish School, Faux Effects ™The arto f designer Cabinetry and Furniture Finishing by Jennifer Ferguson.


  •  Oil painting and pastel of academy Arte Ríos, Guatemala.



The theme and style are basic elements in our murals, reason by which we perform a good research to situate ourselves in the personal taste and preferences of our clients, thus achieving a unique final design. These can be done for any commercial or residential spaces.


Our specialty in this area are kids rooms.

Finishes on Walls

Whether you are searching for a rustic, contemporary, European or personalized look, we can give you assessment and offer you our wide variety of finishes which include the following:


We include Venetian Plaster (Stucco Veneziano) and wall covering with resin pastes, which may be applied into thin or thick layers on the walls, depending upon the desired final effect. The glossing is varied; it can imitate marble or it can take the appearance of stone or antique walls, which have been painted and repainted a number of times. Plasters are applied with a wide texture blade in a number of layers, bringing out elegance to the spaces and highlighting the distinction.


Metallic and Pearled finishes, which are made with metallic pastes or gold, silver or copper leaf sheets, can bring about both a modern or very antique look, depending on the needs of the client.


Glazing or Wash may be applied to a wide variety of primed surfaces, obtaining color effects which give the appearance of antique adding depth and character.


Antiquing is a technique which uses patinas to bring the vintage effect to surfaces, highly used in moldings, detailing of ceilings, panels and architectural features.


We can obtain beautiful damasks or walls which resemble wallpaper, with the use of templates and stencils.
Imitation leather finishes are those which imitate the texture of some animal skins.


 These finishes are perfectly suited to the residential  and commercial areas


Decorative Wall Painting

Decorative painting in walls is simply adding any detail to the wall in freehand painting of flowers, plants or figures that the client requests.

Decorative Painting Furniture

We can bring a special accent to a piece of furniture or paint landscapes, plants or special characters.

Finishes for Furniture

We can work with customized wood furniture giving them spectacular finishes or we can also work with finished furniture, renewing the finishes for a radical change or a speck of detailing to make it unique. Our work includes the technique of laminating and distressing of furniture.

Variety of Custom Decorative Items

We also offer a wide variety of articles for decoration, mainly in country design, and additionally we carry a variety of decoration pieces such as shelves, paintings, mirrors, etc. We paint glass bottles and we have beautiful Christmas pieces in stock.

Assessment in Color and Decoration

Our vast experience in the area of decoration and painting gives us the opportunity to assist and advise clients regarding any change they may need to make in their current home or whether they are moving into a new residence or business, always taking into account our client’s needs and preferences.

Interior and Exterior Flat Wall Painting

Within our services, we offer interior and exterior painting. We keep experienced and reliable staff, and we are able to offer competitive and accessible prices, which can be compared to those of regular residential painting services.

Art Classes

We teach painting classes in different techniques: Oil, Acrylic, Dry pastel, Wood Laminating and Painting. You need to contact us to set up an appointment for class scheduling and fees.



Finished on Walls


Decorative Wall Painting


Decorative Painting Furniture


Finishes For Furniture

Custom Decorative Items


Assessment In Color And Decoration


Interior And Exterior Flat Wall Painting


Art Classes


We paint and decorate bottles, turning them into an exquisite gift with added value. Bottles are painted with simple details or with landscapes or with the picture that the client desires. This technique is in high demand for special events such as weddings or Christmas gifts.

Canvas Paintings

We make paintings according to the client’s desires; whether in oil, acrylic or pastel, we follow the client’s instructions and give some options and helpful suggestions from which the client may choose.


We produce furniture in fine wood and deliver them in the raw, varnished finish or with any type of finishing the client may request.


We produce all kinds of country type home decorations, frame paintings, wooden dolls, shelves, napkin holders, jewelry boxes, boxes for any type of stuff, which include souvenirs for First Communion gatherings or Wedding favors, business’ special labels to announce projects or situations. In particular, for Christmas Season, we offer all sorts of decorations for the walls, decorative ornaments for the tree, special pieces to place at the home entrance door and center pieces for table settings.


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